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Molly's Missing Something

     Molly leapt off the school bus. Her long read hair waving behind her like fire. She was so excited to get home for it was her birthday today and she would be twelve years old. Closing her eyes, she imagined the outside of her house turned into a beautiful castle with two high towers and blue roof tiles. Different birds fluttered around the trees in her yard. They sung and danced as they soared around in the sky. It was like they were already telling her 'happy birthday'. She was so excited that she skipped all the way to her front door.
     But something was missing.

     Inside was decorated with streamers and colorful ribbon. The kitchen table had a frilly pink tablecloth laid over it like a pretty dress and sparkling white dishes had been set for the party. The smell of cake floated from the oven and Molly instantly knew it was strawberry. The oven turned to stone with a heavy iron door and stone chimney reaching for the high ceiling. The table stretched to twice its size and a deep red carpet rolled out over the flagstone floor. The lone kitchen window widened to show a garden view in the warm sun.
     But, still, something was missing.

     Molly darted upstairs to change. She put on a light pink party dress and combed through her hair. As she did her dress grew to the floor and trimmed itself in gold. A silver tiara appeared on her head. Behind her the bed enlarged, clothing itself in fine silken sheets. Her stuffed animal reared to life and stood at attention. The carpeted floor turned to polished wood beneath her feet, tapping slightly as she walked. And a beautiful chandelier dangled from the ceiling to light up the room. Molly twirled to look at everything at once. Then she looked in the mirror, smiling at the princess that stared back.
     Still something was missing.

     Molly ran through the house. She found her mother and father – the queen and king. She found the cake on the table with a thick layer of icing on it. And she found a stack of gifts with her name on them. As she ran the rest of the house changed. Photos turned to paintings in carved gold and silver frames. Shabby throw rugs dusted themselves off to look brand new. Curtains swayed like delicate leaves. The old stair banister went from a timeworn dark wood to a shining light wood and a four piece band appeared on the upstairs landing.
     Something was defiantly missing.

     Getting worried, Molly went into the bathroom. She looked under the cabinets and behind the royal throne. She even looked in the sink. Molly pulled back the shower curtain to peek into the bathtub. A smile lit up her face. Curled up, filling the tub was a baby dragon. Her orange scales shimmered and sparkled in the light and her long tail was wrapped around her. Faint trails of white strips ran along her smooth back. Thin jets of smoke floated from her flaring nostrils as she slept. Molly reached down to pick the little dragon up. Sleepily the creature opened its green eyes and looked up with an equally sleepy "meow".
     Now nothing was missing.
What I love about this one is that it represents a child's imagination. True it's the typical princess, castle, and dragon, but what little girl - and at one point or another every little girl or young woman will - didn't want to be a princess?
The reason this one didn't fit was because it was too young and there was nothing, really, behind it. (I hope you people get what I mean). It was cute, but nothing more. Maybe I'll revise it and add that little bit that's missing.... Naw, I won't. :p

Copyright belongs to me, please don't steal.

Glkthread Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my god, so adorable ^_^
TwinGiants Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Professional Writer
Thank you!
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